I want to be an RA Specialist

RA People offers people the unique opportunity to train as a RA Specialist and be guaranteed a job at the end of the process.

Regulatory Affairs Specialists work in the heart of medical technology companies. Without RA Specialists, medical devices do no enter the market. RA Specialists ensure that medical devices meet the current standards and regulations.

If you can identify with the profile, Regulatory Affairs may be the perfect fit for you. Contact us and we will screen you for the role of Regulatory Affairs Specialist at one of our affiliated companies. Together we will examine the opportunities that await you. Once placed, you will work at a company in the medical devices industry and at the same time undergo training for at least one year to become a Regulatory Affairs Specialist.

Check whether you match the profile:

  • You have university level education (including higher professional education at Bachelor level)
  • You are critical by nature and like to explore, understand, and get to the bottom of things
  • You are a good communicator with the power of persuasion
  • You have an affinity with technology and processes
  • You have a good command of English
  • You have technical or legal training and an affinity with technology and regulations
  • You are good at influencing and convincing
  • You can handle information in a confidential way
  • You have a can-do mentality: hard worker, enthusiastic, decisive
  • You like working with data and numbers and you work very accurately
  • You are calm, careful, reliable, well organised, and task-oriented
  • You enjoy working with people
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